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About Perff


Perff marries high quality methodologies with performance and, stylish fashion to create premium athleisure-wear. 

Designed in London and based in the heart of Portugal, Perff is the epitome of well-being and balance. We strive to make you, the best version of you.

We create performance clothing that fits into your life inside, as well as outside of the gym - simple. Be at your leisure in style, and for sporting activities, put the innovation through its paces. 

We encourage you to feel confident, positive and determined. We want to give you all the determination, vitality and strength you need to move the mountains of your day. To be Perff is to be known as an example. Is having distinction and sophistication, valuing yourself and living with passion.

Our Core Values


We want to stimulate the awareness of your well-being, through the design of unique pieces, doing it in an integrated way so that it reaches a state of unique emotional balance. We are what we want to be.


We meld forward thinking and conceptual fashion styling with performance. We empower physical and emotional well-being through the creation of athlesiure-wear you can wear in all environments and be ready for anything. 
We want to be a brand remembered for the unique experience we provide to everyone who has the courage to achieve their physical and emotional well-being.


Authenticity - We are authentic and true in everything we do, we develop and produce our products in Portugal with our select manufacturing partners. We thrive on paying close attention to all aspects of the creation and development processes to execute the best performance-fashion. 
Humanisation - We care about our partners and suppliers; we are advocates of fair trade and strive to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. 
Innovation – we push the boundaries across performance methodologies and fashion.
Trust – we only create premium quality and will never compromise. 


As an avid sportsperson I push myself to enjoy a happy and balanced life through wellbeing and nutrition. A space I'm passionate about. 

Having regularly travelled to destination fashion capitals it was evidently apparent that the athleisure space was still very underserved. 

I took the opportunity to pioneer a new vision - performance fashion. Perff was born with the ambition to create cutting edge design without compromise. 

I believe that we can always be more and better, having will and character. I hope to endlessly have a positive impact on the people around me, motivating them to succeed every day and to achieve their goals.

Jorge, Co-founder and CEO


Materials and products

We are at the heart of the Portuguese savoir faire in the textile and clothing industry. Portugal is known for it’s superior craftsmanship and we’re proud to manufacture on our home-soil. 

Our products encompass multiple technical properties such as breathability, odour and temperature control. Resistant to chlorine and UV rays, and produced with excellent opacity. 

Designed in London, the fashion capital of the world. Talent, forward thinking, skill and master-craftsmanship come together in a symphony of exquisite athleisure-wear that provides you with total freedom of movement with unique, comfortable and versatile sets, with a high fashion styling. 

Environmental concerns

For Perff there are certain imperative factors in the construction and development of this brand. Environmental concern, the manufacture and the quality of what is produced in Portugal and the
conditions of the workers of all the areas which contribute to the composition of the final product that arrives in a careful way, to your house.

We are aware of the impact that excessive consumption and disposable fashion have on people’s lives and our planet, so we work for fair trade. Most of our fabrics are thus composed of environmentally friendly materials.

In order for the consumer to be aware of the enormous environmental impact of this, Perff supports local production, uses sustainable raw materials and provides decent working conditions for all its employees.